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Jolly Happy Soul | Get Happy

JollyHappySoulLogo-01The story of Frosty is about a snowman granted with life when a stovepipe hat was put upon his head. Then he spread secondhand pipe smoke to the local children and broke their hearts by skipping town that very same day, if we recall correctly. Ever since then, the holidays seem to have lacked that same jolly, happy soul to bring cheer to all.


Great creativity for a good cause.

Who can create the coolest, most hilarious, most thoughtful, and possibly impractical snowman the internet has ever seen?

That’s what we at Stan Can Design™ want to know. We’re putting things in the capably creative hands of our best friends, family, and peers with Jolly Happy Soul: a good ol’ fashioned snowman-making competition. All for a good cause.

While we can’t promise you access to any headgear imbued with magical powers, we can promise your snowman will actually do some good. The snowman with the most votes wins “Best in Snow” and $5,000 worth of advertising, copywriting, web design, or graphic services for the charity, organization, or community event of their choice – courtesy of the Stan Can Design™ team!



Three balls and a whole lot of imagination

We kept it pretty simple. Three Smoothfoam balls of different sizes that can handle any sort of personalization or creativity you might have in mind. This is a good time to plan out your design, assemble any tools you might need, and maybe grab some bandaids.


Ready. Set. Snow.

Find your zen, locate the center of your creativity, and then get wired on hot chocolate and get to work. Imitate your favorite celeb, reenact that Halloween costume you couldn’t pull off, or make something personal to your company. Go for funny, go for sappy, or even just plain ol’ weird.

There is no wrong answer here.

Snap it

Smile and say "Freeze."

DSLR, polaroids, some ancient Nokia brick phone that surprisingly still works – whatever your photographic style is, just take a picture! We hope you saved some creativity from crafting because great pictures make the best snowmen look better.


Return to your home in the cloud, snowman.

You can’t just keep that beautiful piece of work all to yourself. The world, or at least the internet, needs to see it! Your last day to submit a photo is December 19th, by 5pm.



Let's get obnoxious. Don't worry, it's for a good cause!

Once you’ve submitted, you’ve got to campaign for Best in Snow! Share your submission on Facebook where your friends and family can vote for you through our online plugin. It’ll give them a nice break from the usual cat videos and quizzes like “Which Starbucks holiday drink are you?”

Share this link:


It's not a popularity contest, but it's totally a popularity contest.

Voting is live until January 5th, the day we announce the winner! So which cause, organization, or community event will you select for $5,000 worth of professional design work? That could be a cool new logo, website, or the right print materials to make a dramatic impact on a do-good cause.

Just because it’s a competition doesn’t mean you have to turn into a Scrooge. Vote for your favorite snow men and women, even if they’re not yours!


Wait, I'm still confused.

  • The contest begins December 1st, when kits are delivered.
  • The last day to submit a snowman is December 19th, 5pm PST.
  • Voting is live until January 5, the day the winner is announced.
  • You MUST use the included three Smoothfoam balls of 6, 5, and 4 inches in diameter. Other than that, any materials may be used in your design.
  • In case you’re wondering, our own Libby Brokaw illustrated this site!
  • If you know someone who’d like to get in on the action, extra Jolly Happy Soul kits can be purchased at